Our Story

How we work

Founded in 2000, we were the first digitally-driven user research company in the Netherlands. Since then, we've grown into a full-service partner for brands who put digital business front and center. Right where it should be. Over the last 18 years, we’ve kept true to our DNA: 100% independent, seriously results focussed and deeply user-centric. Welcome to the Jungle.

Making a meaningful difference

Whatever industry you’re in, your ability to deliver meaningfully different user experiences is what separates you from the herd. Jungle Minds transforms how companies interact within their industry by building strong relationships with users. We ideate, deliver & implement outstanding user experiences. Always driven by user-centric creativity, rooted in new technology and with a clear impact on your strategy. Looking for meaning? Look no further.

The power of our adaptive approach

Clear and fresh ideas thrive in small and closely knit teams. But exciting challenges require the power of scale. That’s why our open set-up is designed to maintain our culture of user focus and collaboration, but always with the aim to quickly scale up and sustainably embed innovation into our client’s organisation.

User-driven, business focussed

No matter what type of strategic challenge we face, our approach is always cross-functional, insights-driven and based on our belief that only user-centric thinking can lead to meaningful business innovation.

High pace, short cycles

Regardless of what phase a new proposition is in, we work in short cycles, iterate often and get continuous input from our users. Fast, adaptive and output drive.

A co-client approach

Our clients are a fundamental and everyday part of our team and process, giving us on the spot access to in-depth insights from your business and making strategic decision-making as fast as possible.

Everything needed for sustainable business impact

We offer every skill set and service needed to ideate, accelerate and organically embed fresh user-centric business propositions into your organization.