Art, service and surprise in the age of personalisation. Introducing a new art concept in which you don't get to choose.

The challenge

How do we get art into the homes of millennials? In close cooperation with SBK, we looked for a way to reach this young new target group.

The result

An end-to-end art delivery platform that harnesses the power of art to surprise, and employs personalisation to grow your bubble instead of shrinking it.

Access to art

In the uniquely Dutch world of art rental services, little has changed in the past few decades: In exchange for a monthly fee, you get to pick a work of art that suits your tastes, bring it home with you, and exchange it for another work whenever you like. Despite this straightforward business model, art rental services have thus far failed to attract a younger audience, for whom the idea of physically browsing through a giant art collection seems rather daunting, and the idea of bringing something home by yourself decidedly unservicelike.

In a close partnership with SBK, the Netherlands’ biggest and oldest art rental service, we set out to find an out of the box way to engage a young audience, and deliver unique works right into their living rooms.

Beyond the bubble

In the on-demand age of Uber and Deliveroo, service and personalisation are everything. To make Vyoo a success, it would have to be an end-to-end service, blending logistics and digital solutions into an effortless experience.

Personalisation, however, is a different matter. At the very core of art lies it’s capacity to surprise, it’s power to defy quantification.

Enter the Antimatch: rather than expecting users to pick a work of art themselves, or attempting to match works of art to the exact taste of individual users, we decided to use personalisation to deliver works that only barely fit their taste. A service that doesn’t match, but surprises. One that encourages you to look beyond your bubble.

Starting from scratch

If delivering art seems like an atypical job for a digital bureau, it’s because it is. Rather than work from a brief or existing business plan, Vyoo was initiated by ourselves out of sheer enthusiasm for art in general, and SBK’s incredible collection in specific. Going from an idea to a full end-to-end service was exactly the type of challenge we were looking for.

In a one-week design sprint, we immersed ourselves into the world of art and the needs of our intended audience. During this time frame we developed the core proposition of Vyoo, laid the foundation for it’s visual identity, and created a service blueprint.

In the following weeks, work on the open beta of Vyoo began: a fully functional service for a limited test audience to assess the viability of Vyoo as a consumer product.

Art as a service

Chances are that while you’re reading this, the Vyoo van is out on the road, delivering a surprise to one of our subscribers. What started as a crazy idea, turned into a functional product that involves logistics, strategy, development, packaging, animation and design.

Being involved in every aspect of this service allows us to continue shaping the future of Vyoo. Machine learning algorithms provide new possibilities to break out of the bubble. Image recognition might help us home in on what “taste” really means. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to unlock additional collections, all with one goal in mind: to get incredible works of art into the actual homes of young people.

Introducing an entirely new concept in a traditional art environment.
Moving quickly from rough idea to functional beta in a manner of weeks.
Having a scalable self-sustaining business model.