Becoming the world's leading 3D printing partner

Design, development and growth of Ultimaker’s global brand eco-system that links users, business partners and a thriving global community.

The challenge

Accelerate Ultimakers journey to become a B2B focussed global 3D printing partner by showcasing the business value of 3D printing, inspiring and supporting users and by linking them to a thriving community and a global sales network.

The result

In minder dan 2 maanden hebben we de basis gecreëerd voor een toekomstbestendig merkplatform. Van daaruit hebben we een platform gecreëerd dat de wereldwijde groei van Ultimaker mogelijk maakt. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een meerjarige samenwerking op het gebied van ontwerp, contentcreatie en development.

A strategic switch

Founded in 2012, amidst a gold-rush around 3d printing, Dutch 3D-printer manufacturer Ultimaker soon realised the enormous business value their printing solutions offer larger engineering and production companies. And so their whole strategic focus switched to build their reputation, position and network within the B2B market space. To do so, Ultimaker partnered with Jungle Minds to shape their brand into a purely B2B driven solution provider. And to create a global business platform to support that claim in the process.

Building business – it’s in the making

3D printing is a true game-changer for engineering and production companies such as the automotive and aerospace industries. Accurate and reliable on-site prototyping drastically reduces the development stage from weeks to mere days, substantially reducing costs. The question is: how do you make large companies aware of the enormous potential of 3D printing? And how do we enable them to get going? By showing how innovators from their own industry are already leveraging 3D printing to change their daily operation.

Empower the makers

Ultimaker’s angle for claiming the professional market was simple: empower ambassadors of innovation. To bring this to life, we created a platform that helped users get started and make the most of their Ultimaker from day one. By offering them relevant industry knowledge, inspiring user business-case successes and giving them the day-to-day support of Ultimaker’s global community of makers. To get this done, our multidisciplinary design and development team collaborated closely with Ultimaker’s sales and marketing team – growing the platform and its content in a super high paced and iterative manner.

A thriving global network of knowledge, service, and sales

Today, Ultimaker truly is a global player with a strong online presence that underpins global marketing, sales, and service strategy. A rewarding and intense process, our collaboration saw them transform from a small Dutch tech startup, into a real global player. An online destination powered by compelling stories and in-depth content.

The first platform was released to market in only 8 weeks.
Art direction and production of inspiring video-content shot around the world.
The Ultimaker platform supports thousands of active community members generating 300,000 posts.