Creating the ultimate brand experience for Love Stories

Not just an e-commerce shop with a Love Stories theme but a digital flagship store that tells and sells the story.

The challenge

With Love Stories boutiques popping up all over the world, digital was falling behind. They needed a platform complementary to their physical boutiques and which generates sales, with the main focus on telling the brand’s story.

The result

In just 4 months we created and launched Love Stories’ digital flagship store. This new digital store breaths the brand and it created an environment where fans can enjoy an authentic Love Stories shopping experience.

Fashion with true personality

With fans all over the world, Dutch-born Love Stories is one of the fastest growing fashion brands - known for their bold combinations of eclectic prints, extravagant patterns, and outspoken materials. For Love Stories perfection is boring. Instead, they strive for imperfections by inventing the perfect mismatch which gives fans the opportunity to make bold combinations for themselves and create their own story. As a fast-growing brand, the digital expectations grew as well. Love Stories wanted to take the digital environment to the next level by taking the in-store experience into the digital flagship store. A seamless and authentic destination that would be at the heart of their omnichannel shopping experience.

Limited brand experience in e-commerce? No way

With such a fearless brand, a conventional, templated e-commerce experience would never do. Instead, we wanted to craft a bespoke shopping destination where Love Stories’ bold personality could come to life, and give them the freedom to truly stand out. Every decision we made was driven by Love Stories’ brand personality: authentically unauthentic.

Falling in love with their story

To immerse ourselves in the brand, we visited several boutiques around the world. We conducted in-depth research to understand a woman’s approach to buying fashion online and collaborated closely with the Love Stories team through strategic and brand focused workshops. The platform had to show guts, embrace imperfections and create a canvas for telling all their stories. To show Love Stories’ edgy personality we partly used anti-design by staying away from colors and perfect grids. Making perfect mismatches ourselves by combining the feminine Didot with the strong Noe Display. Blending typographic statements with huge images as a way to break free from premade-template looking pages. It all comes together to create the unique digital signature of Love Stories.

Decoupled CMS for creative freedom

Our goal to put the brand experience front and center of our approach go well beyond branding. We decided to go all the way with a fully decoupled CMS architecture, which gave us creative freedom and full focus on the user experience. The decoupled CMS translated the brand to its digital identity and allowed us to create some top-notch frontend development. For the architecture of Magento 2.0 implementation, we coupled up with Xsarus. This highly unconventional approach allows maximum freedom in user experience whilst leveraging Magento’s functionality under the hood.

E-commerce that tells and sells the story

The collaboration between Love Stories and Jungle Minds achieved Europe’s first decoupled digital flagship store. Fans from all over the world are now able to go online and enjoy an authentic Love Stories shopping experience. We created a solid base for Love Stories to grow their omnichannel business and allowed them to keep doing what they do best: being truly different. With a happy customer that is.

"Individuality, trust and expression is the base of Love Stories. It is very important for us to bring these values back into the online environment. We didn’t want an average looking webshop, we wanted an environment that inspires and in which our customers can put together their own personal style. We are very proud of the result: stylish and romantic come together in a unique digital flagship store, that brings our brand to even greater heights."

- Titia Cortlever, Marketing Manager at Love Stories.

Custom build on top of a decoupled Magento e-commerce set up for maximum freedom in brand experience.
A solid architecture that allows Love Stories to grow further as an omnichannel.
The ultimate combination of brand storytelling and e-commerce.