Starting the engine of LeasePlan’s digital capabilities

Give LeasepPlan a clear competitive advantage by incubating a new centralised, cross-functional digital team at Jungle Minds

The challenge

Build an industry-leading, fully centralized and in-house digital capability.

The result

In less than a year, we helped to create, coach and embed a cross-functional team of over 100 people – capable of implementing digital propositions for 20+ countries.

Become a purely digitally driven business

LeasePlan is the world’s largest fleet management company with more than 1.8 million cars on the road in 32 countries. Yes, it’s big. But design, technology, and data fundamentally change the world of mobility. So to live up to their promise of 'any car, any time, anywhere', they needed to transform their skillset and organizational structure to become a purely digitally driven team.

Build and embed a central digital hub

To really deliver on the brand’s promise: any car, any time, anywhere it was clear to both LeasePlan and Jungle Minds that they needed far more than just a great digital experience. They needed a central digital hub: LeasePlan Digital. This in-house, cross-functional team would have all the skills to design ideas, build them and competently bring them to market.

Top team. Top speed

To kickstart the creation of their new in-house digital hub, LeasePlan asked Jungle Minds to serve as its incubator. This would provide the team with the best cross-functional user-centered DNA. After just 3 months we’d scaled up to several multi-disciplined and fully-independent teams ready to take on the world of mobility.

Adaptive sustainable partnerships

After their incubation period at Jungle Minds was complete, the LeasePlan team where fully independent from us, both physically and from a business perspective. There were no ties-ins or contracts to keep us on board. Adaptive sustainable partnerships that never feel like a marriage. That’s JM.

0 to 100 people in under 12 months. Now that’s acceleration

Throughout 2017, we incubated and grew LeasePlan’s new in-house digital team. It was very rewarding to see the cross-functional team grow and be able to translate any business needs into an outstanding customer experience. Not only that, they could now independently develop, roll out and optimize all user-centered platforms across 20+ marketplaces.

An independent, highly skilled in-house team: LeasePlan Digital.
Digital experts in strategy, marketing, design, data, and technology.
Capability to roll out new digital projects to market in over 20 countries.