With a user-friendly and scalable platform from International YachtPaint

The challenge

Develop a globally deployable digital platform that gives every boat owner the confidence to maintain their own boat.

The result

A user-friendly platform with a roll-out in more than 30 countries and a worldwide data base of boat maintenance. This has led to a significant increase in user sessions and returning visitors.

Helping boat owners around the world on their journey

Every boat owner knows: having a boat is awesome, but does not only consist of fun expeditions. It also involves a lot of maintenance. In particular, the underwater section must be repainted every year with several protective layers to prevent fouling, rust and other problems. To assist boat owners in this task, boat paint manufacturer International YachtPaint (subsidiary of AkzoNobel) asked Jungle Minds to jointly develop a digital platform. A platform to provide assistance during every step of the journey of working on a boat.

So we dove into the world of boats: we investigated the needs of boat owners worldwide, to design and develop the platform accordingly.

So many questions, so few answers

During the concept phase we spoke with boaters all over the world, from Sneek to Stockholm, Florida and even Sydney. Boat maintenance turned out to be a lot more complex than expected, with the choice (and application) of the paint products depending on a large number of factors: of course the material of the boat, but also retail matters such as how often and fast you sail your boat. In addition to this is the fact that the boat world consists of an endless number of websites, blogs and forums that all have their own truth. This leaves a frustrated user who becomes uncertain about his own boat job.

Boat owners were therefore in need of a single central online location that answers the three most important questions: which products do I need for my specific circumstances, how should I apply these products and where can I buy them?

"Inspire Confidence" as design principle

A prototype was built, focusing on the question: how can we give boat owners the confidence that they can get the job done? The two most important insights of the research: "trust is local" and in addition, direct recognition is crucial. That is, boat owners want to quickly get the idea that the site is relevant to their specific boat job.

"Inspire confidence" became the design mantra of the platform. We do this by first having the user indicate his specific boat situation, and then show the correct application method step by step, both in text and image. The user can then select the nearest store in the "store finder" that sells what he needs. All mobile first, so that you can actually use the guide during the job.

The entire team was very user focused throughout the project. Our goal for the website was to ‘inspire confidence’, and we kept that in mind in every decision. With a quick and smart development team, we were able to realize more than we anticipated in a short amount of time.

- Melissa Casias, Product Owner International

A global brand platform

We achieved an MVP in five sprints, with the inspiring leadership of the Texan International Product Owner (who emigrated to Amsterdam especially for this project).

We chose the CMS that scored best on speed of development and user-friendliness: Craft CMS, and created a seamless e-commerce experience by linking Magento for the check-out flow.

The result: a first release in Australia, followed by roll-out in more than 30 countries and - as the absolute cherry on top - the best global data base for expertise on boat maintenance, with detailed content and how-to videos for every scenario.

Paint your boat like a pro, with the new International platform.

11% increase in returning users
32% increase in user sessions
Strongly improved UX in site manegement