Creating the perfect self service for Basic-Fit

Onsite designing, together with the user

The challenge

Optimise the user experience of the self-service kiosk and stimulate the upsell of add-ons.

The result

A total redesign of the kiosk, tested and validated with the users to being 100% self-sufficient.

The quest for higher conversion

Market leader in Europe, with branches from Groningen to Málaga, Basic-Fit is one of the fastest growing fitness clubs in Europe. This international player makes extensive use of the self-service kiosk: an information column in the club, where people can buy or adjust their subscription. Since the vast majority of sales go through this kiosk, it has an important role within Basic-Fit. By improving the user experience of the device, Jungle Minds ensured that the self-service kiosk works more effectively, which directly leads to a higher conversion.

Uncovering the playing field

In order to be in direct contact with the users, we packed our things and exchanged our office for the club, where we set up camp between the treadmills and dumbbells.

The highest priority was to understand the needs of club members. By analyzing the kiosk on the spot, observing in the club and talking to staff and users, we quickly made a number of discoveries. The kiosk was hardly noticed by new or existing members and its function was not clear. And most importantly, the self-service kiosk was not "self-service" at all: every user needed help from staff to be guided through the process.

Testing at the drawing board

Once we were settled in, we were able to directly test, adjust and retest our designs, resulting in at least 5 successful usability tests per story. In a record time of 6 days we were therefore able to test 14 iterations of the prototype with 35 users, to arrive at an optimal design. The set-up to work on-site resulted in a fast and highly iterative process, in which we laid the foundation for a perfect flow through the kiosk.

Thanks to the method of Jungle Minds, we have learned a lot from our users. These insights not only provided a super user experience, but also laid the foundation for a close and long-term collaboration.

- Erica van Vorderen, International Marketing Manager Basic-Fit

Going above and beyond

Thanks to our user-centric approach, we have ensured that the kiosk is 100% self-service. We approached the users and staff, we observed and had conversations with new and existing members. With this information we have also been able to translate these experiences into valuable new insights for Basic-Fit. In this way we helped shape the Basic-Fit strategy for 2020, and a strategic partnership between Basic-Fit and Jungle Minds was born.

Excellent user experience at the kiosk
Roll out to all Basic-Fit clubs (600+)
Significant time reduction to convert