MyTerminal - One of Europe's largest container terminals goes digital

Strengthening ECT’s competitiveness by defining & validating its new digital business platform

The challenge

Fitting its innovative heritage, ECT wants to use digital service innovation to improve the predictability and transparency of container flows to and from its terminal.

The result

In less than five months we defined and validated a strategic opportunity and translated this into a successful pilot for a new audience, in a new market.

Filling the digital white spot in container transport

While digital has allowed many supply chains to become more accurate and transparent, using digital applications to optimise the process of unloading a container to delivering it to a warehouse is still largely uncovered territory.

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT), one of Europe's largest container terminals, recognised the opportunity of filling this digital white spot. The objective was to ensure more accurate and predictable container flow information leading to higher operational efficiency and valuable new services to other parties in the logistics chain.

Reinventing how business is done

To make the most of this digital opportunity, ECT not only had to become skilled in developing and running digital services, but it also targeted an additional group of customers. Next to the shipping companies (the traditional customer of a container terminal) other logistics parties like logistical service providers, transporters and importers are the ones that are interested in accurate and reliable container status information.

To go from strategic idea to product/market fit, ECT partnered up with Jungle Minds.

Thinking by doing

The best way to test ideas is to create something tangible. So after discovering that the target audiences had a great need for more accurate, transparent and predictable container status information, Jungle Minds created and validated a prototype of the new digital service.

After this qualitative validation, ECT, Jungle Minds and partner Faebric joined forces to translate that prototype into a successful pilot platform for importers of fruits and vegetables.

The impact we made: from idea to successful pilot in five months

End-to-end definition, development and market launch of the new digital service
The first set of launching customers are actively using the platform
Framework defined for ECT's in-house digital service development