Accelerating a start-up's journey to local beta

An in-house collaboration to take a logistical start-up to live-beta in just 3 months

The challenge

Determine the strategic potential of Bready’s concept aimed at claiming the early morning delivery moment.

The result

In just 3 months we ideated, built and launched a local beta phase which won over 2,000 customers and handled 10,000 deliveries.

Claim the early morning delivery service moment

Delivered-to-your-door services are rising year on year, with one exception, the early morning slot. That was the core idea of the Dutch start-up Bready: create the logistical capability to deliver what you need to get your day going.

Sink or swim

There were a lot of barriers to overcome. Can we create a production cycle that can act fast enough to make an early morning delivery? How do we create the most efficient, yet flexible delivery route? And importantly – how will users respond to it.

Only a real-life test would give us the answers. And so, we invited Bready in-house to create and launch the most compact expression of the idea, yet something that was still completely viable. The sole goal was to test its real-world potential.

Home sweet home

To accelerate the local beta phase, we invited the Bready team in-house. An intense and collaborative process, we worked through brand identity design, content creation, then set to work on launching the web-platform. In just 3 months, we created a custom back-end to process orders, handle production, generate the best delivery route and support delivery agents as well.

Idea to delivery in 3 months. Boom

We collaborated with package designers, marketing and production experts, ideating, building and launching the concept from the ground up. The 4-month pilot phase resulted in 2,000 paying customers, 10,000+ deliveries and many insights on how to market and roll out the concept.

From day dot to fully developed live beta in under 3 months.
Winning and servicing a pilot user base of 2,000+ customers.
10,000 early morning packages were delivered in the pilot phase.