Homestudios by BAM: a completely novel omnichannel experience for (future) residents

The challenge

Help BAM becoming the number one direct-to-consumer player, that puts customer experience first and utilises commercial opportunities.

The result

In just over one year, we created the complete omnichannel customer experience, in which the physical experience centre, the personal attention and online experience come together seamlessly.

A new insight: added value for the customer equals added value for BAM

Buying a house can cause quite an amount of stress for the future residents. There are many choices, for which a lot of contact with the contractor is necessary. For a long time, BAM gave the building process priority over the customer experience. However, due to the collaboration of BAM and Jungle Minds (since 2012) it was confirmed that customer experience holds vast commercial opportunities. We discovered that there is a deep appreciation for personal contact during the building process. Furthermore, there is a desire for “ready-to-live packages”: the possibility that the house is (partially) finished, when the keys are handed over. To further build upon these insights, BAM brought a new proposition forth: Homestudios.

Homestudios by BAM: a 180 degrees turn in customer approach

Homestudios by BAM provides added value for (future) residents. By offering these residents personal guidance, by giving them the right information at the right time and presenting them with fitted inspiration, they experience less stress and insecurity during the journey from orientation to buying to living. Residents are supported and inspired by BAM to consciously and with ease make the right choices: before, during and after delivery of the house. In this way residents can turn their house into a home, and enjoy this process along the way.

The fusion of physical, personal and digital customer experience

BAM approached Jungle Minds in order to design and realise this new digital layer for the journey of the homebuyer. During an intensive partnership of just over one year, we managed to map all touchpoints of the customer journey.

What I really appreciate in Jungle Minds is the hands-on mentality. They have committed themselves to studying the entire customer journey, not just the digital layer. Which has proven to be an added value for collaboration.

- Rick van der Zee, Manager Customer Journey

Besides this, we designed a completely novel back office system to facilitate all integrations with the existing processes within BAM. This system enables Homestudios to better align the personal guidance of specialists with the customer’s wishes. Moreover, (future) residents come more prepared to the physical experience centre in Utrecht, which allows them to get more out of their day, as well as their future home.

The digital layer Jungle Minds created, makes it possible for residents to collect preferences during their visit, gather knowledge, discuss digital residential designs with their advisor within a 3D studio, and to consider previously made choices. At home they can read this again and reflect.

The complete shift towards a customer-oriented B2C-player

Through the seamless integration of all processes (physical, personal and digital), Homestudios is able to offer (future) residents a unique, customised experience. Consequently, BAM strongly differentiates itself from its competitors, nationally and internationally, with Homestudios. Because of the digital layer, BAM is capable to help its customers perfectly during the entire journey of buying a house. Not just whilst building, but also before and after this process BAM is relevant for (future) residents. This facilitates a higher business value and a good relationship with the customer, that continues to be fruitful even after the residents have settled in.

completely integrated in all layers of the organisation 
each year to experience less stress through the process of buying a home 
within 6 months, thanks to the design system