Telling AkzoNobel's story to the world

Unify the AkzoNobel and its family of brands whilst telling a consistent story across every platform.

The challenge

Implement a design system that enables individual brands to tell their own story while still being a part of the AkzoNobel eco-system.

The result

Dwell time increased by 41% with 15% more pages visited per session, leading to stronger brand engagement.

Consistent storytelling

AkzoNobel struggled to communicate the rich and diverse stories that humanize their brand and detailed all the cutting-edge work they undertake. Telling these stories was the focus of our collaboration with AkzoNobel, the end result was a seamless digital experience that unifies all aspects of the brand.

Once upon a time…

Working in close collaboration with AkzoNobel, Jungle Minds ideated, designed and built a versatile design system that brought the brand to life through engaging narratives. Stories that could be told in different ways, at different moments on different levels.

A tale of two halves

By interviewing all stakeholders and involving them directly in the process, we were able to thoroughly understand the business, its ambition and direction. Our multidisciplinary team then took this information and built a solid, super flexible design system – allowing for fast implementation of all product sub-sites.

We want to inspire them to make this journey from surface to depth, from the beauty of the everyday, via storytelling that interacts and engages, to successive layers of deeper knowledge about AkzoNobel and its brands.

- Corporate Digital Strategy, AkzoNobel

A new beginning

A new beginningFor the very first time, AkzoNobel has an ecosystem and design system that empowers them to create a seamless digital presence and consistent user experience. And as proof of this, the new site saw a large increase in dwell time on the previous year.

41% increase time spent. Not only did the dwell time increase, but there was also 15% more pages visited too.
14% drop in bounce rates. Longer and stronger engagement.
10% read about products & services. Hitting our lead generation targets.