Taking the digital fan experience into a different league

Attract, entertain and convert the Ajax fan base through user research, strategic analysis and a continuously evolving digital environment.

The challenge

Keep new and loyal fans engaged and enthused about everything Ajax has to offer.

The result

Creating an evolving digital landscape that taps directly into the individual needs of fans through unique content access.

Keeping the fan engaged

Two decades ago, Ajax was the best club in the world attracting a growing global fan-base. But staying at the top of your game in any sport is difficult to achieve. Today, Ajax is a second-tier club yet it still has a passionate fan following. The challenge is to continually engage fans and bring them as close to the brand as possible. And in turn, putting bums on seats in the stadium and increasing merchandising sales.

Follow the passion

We spoke directly to the fans and discovered their passion went well beyond simply following the first team. It’s a weekly rhythm leading up to match days, soaking up as much media as much possible to bring them closer to the club. This defined the approach: give fans unique access to the build-up, the match, the afterglow: make them feel intimately connected to it all. Ultimately, it’s about creating the right balance of making them feel connected and converting them to meet business goals too.

Feed the passion

Media generation lay at the heart of the concept and so from day one, Jungle Minds worked in close collaboration with the media department at Ajax. The outcome was the clear and coordinated production of unique Ajax content that would be fed into the new platform.

To make sure this content is continually fed online, we set up a fully centralised and in-house digital capability called Ajax Digital. Acting as a strategic partner for over 5 years, we continue to help Ajax connect with fans across all digital platforms, week in, week

Solid results time and again

Our continuous collaboration and improvement of the platform have achieved great results. Year on year, week by week the consumption of content steadily grows.

A structural increase in website visitors.
Showing that fans are engaging more and more with Ajax.
Ajax Digital is now clearly in control of media across all departments.