Tech Lead

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Jungle Minds is looking for a Tech Lead: an experienced lead (full-stack) developer with a vision and leadership skills.

Who we are looking for

We are in search of an experienced developer with:

  • The full-stack knowledge to develop complex digital products & applications
  • The aspiration to set out the vision for our in-house development team of 8 men/women
  • The ambition to think about (and share in!) the further growth of our agency
  • Experience working at an agency and used to working in cross-functional teams

We are looking for a team leader: you determine the vision to further shape our technical policy. But not a team manager in the typical way, as you do not have to take any appraisal interviews and other HR matters.

What you will (and will not) be doing:

  • You will be working on > Customer projects. You are Tech Lead on the more complex customer projects and our first point of contact for technical recommendations / tech consultancy to clients.
  • You will be working on > Being the leader to our development team: you are the coach to our medior developers and representative for the development tribe (guild) within Jungle Minds. You are leading in determining the goals for the development team.
  • You will be working on > Participation in the development of the agency. You are responsible for the technical policy within Jungle Minds: you determine how we develop our tech stack.
  • You won’t be working on > You are not a typical team manager. This means that the commercial performance of your team is not your final responsibility. Also, you do not have to take any official HR tasks such as assessments or talks of employment conditions.

How our development team works

Cross-functional, agile & user-centric work are our fixed pillars, though the tools change often. To give you an idea of ​​the current focus and working method of our development team, the tools and frameworks du jour are:

  • FrontEnd: ES6 / React
  • Server-side: NodeJS / IAAS / Netlify
  • Workflow: Webpack / Docker / GIT
  • Testing: Jest / Cypress

What we have to offer

  • Our base: We are a fully self-owned and independent agency which keeps our politics to the bare minimum, our focus human and our decisions sane
  • Our portfolio: We work for a wide range of ambitious clients, from start-ups to big players. Always with the aim to positively impact their business through designing and developing digital products and services that offer maximum user experience
  • Our conditions: We offer a more than market-based salary and a good profit sharing. Our secondary conditions are very good for each other: from pension scheme to supplementary insurance and paternity leave, we take our employership very seriously
  • Our day to day: We have a fairly awesome workspace right on the IJ-river (the view is quite something), a few minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. And most importantly: a fun, talented and energetic team of about 40 colleagues


Apply today! If you want some more information, drop a line to Ernst at or call +31 20 514 14 14.