Working on the new!

23 September 2018 | By Bart ter Steege

The Central Agency for the shelter of asylum seekers and Jungle Minds work together on the new

The Central Agency for the shelter of asylum seekers, or COA provides shelter and guidance of asylum seekers during the asylum procedure. They offer safe accommodation, provide asylum seekers with means of livelihood and arrange programs as support during their stay in the asylum center. And how great is it that as a bureau we can contribute our part to these issues that affect everyone in our society. So we are very proud to announce that Jungle Minds has been selected as the new partner of COA! Together we will work on the concept development and realization of COA's new digital front door.

The fact that shelter for asylum seekers is a much discussed subject is quite the understatement. It is not only a subject that evokes a lot of emotion, it is also very complex. With a complicated procedure, many different parties involved and a constant dynamic of growing and shrinking quantities of asylum seekers. This means there is a great need for clear and user-oriented communication. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do!