Visionplanner makes accountancy more relevant.

30 April 2019 | By Bart ter Steege

And with that, they help accountants with their mission to make entrepreneurs successful.

The insights the accountant brings to the table, helps entrepreneurs with their growth and Visionplanner is the platform where these insights are shared. Through real-time insights and smart tools, so together entrepreneurs and accountants can focus on what really matters.

Not only SMEs are thriving, Visionplanner itself is also growing rapidly. And to reinforce this development even more, and to support more entrepreneurs in their mission, Visionplanner asked Jungle Minds to sharpen its brand positioning and to translate it into a new We have designed this new positioning, not only on the basis of its mission ‘together with accountants we make entrepreneurs great’, but also as the basis of Visionplanner’s content strategy.

And while there are still more goodies in development, on behalf of this entire Jungle: congratulations Visionplanner!

Together for further growth.