The best round is the next round

26 March 2019 | By Frans Mettes

Start of a new project!

After an extensive strategy and funding process, we finally set to work for Leading Courses: Europe's largest review platform for golf courses. A brand that inspires more than 375,000 users each month, to write reviews for around 25,000 golf courses.

This week we are applying the finishing touches to the new visual brand identity of Leading Courses: a quick sharpening of the kerning of the logo, the color palette will get a final critical look and the countless typographic experiments of yesterday will change into the rules for tomorrow. The style feels like a new pair of sneakers: confident, fresh, crystal clear.

In the meantime, the user stories appear in a cloud of colored post-its on the wall. Next week we will fill the backlog and week after week these little papers will change from rough ideas to working software.

Let's go!