On the road again

25 January 2019 | By Bart Vijfhuizen

One of the key ingredients of our business impact by making approach is user validation. Because how could you otherwise know if your assumptions hold up? And, as we learn again and again, only when you present something tangible, ideas really get going.

Over the years we’ve done many interviews and prototype tests for our long term partner AkzoNobel. And while we mostly do remote testing - the best option if you want to interview people from Australia, the United States and Sweden in one week - Merei and Bart hopped on the train to Offenbach, Germany, for our latest prototype test.

Reason: we wanted to test our assumptions about a new platform that will help automotive interior color designers to find exactly the color and the effect the car manufacturer is looking for. And since it’s about color as well as haptics (how a surface feels) we defined a solution that seamlessly integrates digital inspiration with physical samples.

The result: in our conversations with four designers, four lab specialists and four key account managers we learned that our assumptions were largely correct. And we learned again that real ideas start flowing when you have something tangible to show. Now that’s business impact by making.