Launching the new TMC site!

21 December 2018 | By Aimée Rutten

Follow the route through the world of TMC and enter the dialogue.

TMC combines the best tech talent with the most ambitious technology companies in the world. This deserves a platform that provides clear information, and in particular: breathes innovation.

Old palls...

In 2016 Jungle Minds developed the new online platform for TMC, where a dialogue with self-developed E__mployeneurs became possible. The platform made innovation and talent development tangible and promoted TMC in its international growth.

That growth has since been realized. This means that in addition to supporting the Employeneurs, now there is also a need to inform (potential) clients about the new possibilities and services that TMC has to offer.

When we developed the TMC platform in 2016, the dialogue with the Employeneurs was the starting point. Now we further expanded this: addressing both target groups (the Employeneurs and (potential) clients) and leading them towards a contact moment with TMC. And all of this in typical TMC style: a non-corporate look and kick-ass design.

Take a walk in the world of TMC

An intensive designsprint resulted in a thorough concept in which the visitor, regardless of being Employeneur or (potential) client, can walk through the world of TMC. This non-corporate homepage provides corporate information to both target groups and they are guided by a red thread through the TMC world. This thread is the route that the target groups take through the homepage, based on the information they are looking for. This route eventually leads to a point of contact.

In addition to a new kick-ass homepage, we have expanded the current content and restructured the navigation, which is no longer hidden under a hamburger menu. We’ve also developed a Newsroom to bring out more TMC news and as a place to share knowledge from the various markets in which TMC operates.

Discover the world of TMC yourself at!