The new IMC site is live!

4 July 2019

Made in Amsterdam, quickly available all over the world.

Front-end Developer Marvin talks about this process.

IMC is a technology-driven trading firm. They develop innovative technology for advanced trading strategies around the world. IMC operates at the highest level which requires a website that is safe and quickly available around the world.

So, do you have your buzzword bingo card ready?

Under the hood…

To ensure safety, speed and quality, we used the latest technology so that we don't have to compromise on things like SEO. The perfect match between a SPA and a traditional site, with full coverage in automatic tests.

In the back…

Managing your own servers has become less popular in recent years, with the arrival of THE CLOUD (read: someone else's computer). So we chose a completely server-less approach: Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) . We opted for a headless API based CMS and for the hosting CI/CD Netlify. And this combination does exactly what it has to do, without any hassle.

In the front…

Working component-driven, without being stuck in a framework? That is possible with React. Only with the use of javascript (front-end code) there is one drawback: often the SEO suffers a big blow. Fortunately, there are enough solutions coming from the open-source community, and in this case one stood out. In combination with a static hosting that leaves enough freedom to the developers: React-Static. All this on a bed of full coverage in unit tests, to guarantee quality over time.

The end result: a fast, secure, easily indexable, easy-to-manage site. And quickly accessible everywhere, through a powerful global content distribution network.