News was chosen for 'Startup in Residence' with the Ministry of Justice and Security

18 February 2019 | By Sadie-Jane Giles

The Ministry of Justice and Security is working with Jungle, the start-up incubator of Jungle Minds, for the initiative 'Startup in Residence': a program in which startups look for innovative solutions for the government.

Everybody in the Netherlands has access to the preparation of new and modified legislation and regulations on By having the citizen respond to legislative proposals on this platform, this process is becoming more transparent and the government is better able to respond to developments in society. - from startup to scale-up

Jungle Minds has successfully helped many startups in these past years. All this know-how has been brought together in a startup incubator: This daughter of Jungle Minds is going to work for Startup in Residence.

The platform will be named BenBetrokken. It is a new data-driven tool that supports personalized support in the consultation process of new legislation and regulations. The experience has with socially relevant startups fits seamlessly with the challenge the Ministry of Justice and Security poses: a digital solution that brings internet consultation to the next level.

We are proud to announce that our newly started daughter is chosen to carry out this awesome assignment, in the field where we built up a lot of knowledge and expertise. The first big success, for a great client. We can put our knowledge and experience into action with the development of this tool.