TMC's new weapon in the war for tech talent

27 May 2016 | By Aimée RuttenVisual Designer
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Jungle Minds launches TMC's new weapon in the war for tech talent

TMC enables innovation by placing the best tech talent with the world's most ambitious technology companies. With its unique network of experienced and expert tech heads, and offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy, TMC has become a driving force behind ambitious projects across the globe, ranging from complex mining operations in Madagascar to high-tech manufacturing in Asia.

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To make sure TMC maintains its distinguished position in the increasingly competitive market for technical talent, we created a new website for them; not just another corporate site, but a digital dialogue that embodies TMC's mission and unique approach. We designed and developed both the platform and the content, giving visitor an instant taste of what working with or for TMC is all about. Every step shows how dedication to professional and social development ensure all of your technical company or career ambitions are made a reality. Congratulations TMC! 

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