Jungle Minds is preparing Vilans' KICK-protocols for the future

22 November 2018 | By Jessica de Jong

Getting an injection or have a catheter swapped: it will never be fun. But for patients at least it’s better if they are always helped in the same way.

To make sure these and other treatments are always performed exactly alike Vilans developed the KICK-protocols, which play a prominent role in healthcare.

Vilans partners up with Jungle Minds

Jungle Minds will align the use of the KICK-protocols with the needs and user context of the healthcare provider. Using in-depth research and creating a valid business model we can explore what role the protocols plays in the future of healthcare. And by doing this, we make sure long-term care works better. We are very excited to work with Vilans, and to help alleviate the work of healthcare providers.

Exciting times ahead, and we are curious to see what our work can mean for healthcare in the future…