#Goodreads October

4 November 2018 | By Sadie-Jane Giles

The very best of October.

In October, autumn was still amazingly far away. As a result many colleagues followed ánd filled our #goodreads SlackChannel out on our deck, enjoying these last sun rays. This month the following passed by: the manual for a good pitch, a study of design value, snooping around all fun, exciting experiments and some inside information by Article Group.

Verwondering - Over beginnen

In the last Verwondering podcast Harald Dunnik tells us about his history at Momkai and about pitching. How this works, how they deal with it at Momkai, how they challenge the client and draft the debrief. And to everybody's convenience, they made the debrief public: Medium. Check it out!

Source: Momkai

This McKinsey study of 300 companies reveals what every business needs to know about design for 2019

McKinsey revealed a study in which they quantify design value. Spoiler alert: design-led companies had 32% more revenue and 56% higher total returns to shareholders in comparison to other companies. Very interesting read!

Source: Fast Company

Experiments with Google

There are so many (open) resources that are used to make really cool things, like these ones published by Google but also Amazon and many others. In addition, many of these resources are also becoming easier to start and experiment with. Similarly at Jungle Minds: both our UX and Development tribe are now working on machine learning, to see what the possibilities are and to experiment a bit. Not really a good'read ', but a really good'browse'!

Source: Experiments with Google

37 Mistakes this agency made in the last three years

Article Group shares the mistakes they encountered in the past three years ánd insights om how to handle them. Great (and recognizable) read!

Source: Medium