#Goodreads December

5 January 2019 | By Sadie-Jane Giles

The very best of December

Despite (or maybe thanks to) all the holidays and in-laws to come with them, Jungle Minds has read a lot of food for thought in December. The best of this month: the UX trends for 2019, a message from the past by Colin Forbes, design as a cargo cult and Homestudios, the project did with BAM. Enjoy!

Case: Homebuyer becomes designer

Obviously this article shined bright in the dark december days: the case of Homestudios by BAM, the awesome project we completed last year.

Where you once stood with a lukewarm coffee from a plastic cup over a pile of sketches, you now get a totally different experience at Homestudios by BAM: a truly amazing journey towards a new home. Perfectly guided from orientation to actually living there, this article explains what that exactly means. We are so proud!

  • Source: Emerce (note: article is in Dutch)

The State of UX in 2019

The UX Collective has once again released a State of UX. Based on a whole lotta links shared with a whole lotta designer around the globe, they describe nine trends for 2019. Cool read!

Colin Forbes on the Structure of Pentagram

In 1992 Pentagram co-founder Colin Forbes wrote this personal essay about the unique internal structure of the world’s largest independent design studio. This inside information on Pentagram remains, even after all these years, still a source of inspiration when it comes to transitions between supervision, work and responsibilities within organizations. A semi-vintage and still relevant read.

When design becomes a cargo cult

In this article the opposite is stated of most design articles. Often an article about design follows the format 'Why use method X?'. Here you read: methodology is not an end in itself, but a means. In the end it's about the destination, not how you got there. A refreshing and interesting read!