Developing talent with Ajax Coaching Academy

6 November 2018 | By Thijs van Campen

The kickoff is a fact, Ajax's platform for football knowledge is live!

Bringing football to a higher level worldwide, that is the mission of the Ajax Coaching Academy (ACA). The ACA wants to become the institute where players, coaches and clubs can develop their talent. Also, Ajax wants to support a partner club on every continent, in order to improve the youth training everywhere. And in addition to this, they want to train coaches and players all over the world, with a digital platform as the cornerstone where the Ajax philosophy is presented. The first release of the platform was realized in four sprints and is ready for further expansion.

The best youth trainer

Ajax has been one of the most iconic and leading football clubs in the world since 1900. A club with a rich history, attractive and offensive football and the best youth academy in the world. To grow further as a club, the focus lies on the abroad. This is why the Ajax Coaching Academy (ACA) was established: for the marketing and sharing of knowledge on youth football, and in the meantime discovering new talent and increasing their prestige in the world. This all comes from Ajax’s underlying mission to take football worldwide to a higher level.

The ACA platform

The ambitions of the ACA are big: becoming the platform where all the knowledge of the Ajax youth training comes together and where clubs, coaches and players worldwide have access to the Ajax philosophy in order to develop new talent.

But how do you translate the Ajax philosophy into a digital environment? And how do you communicate this so that it is applicable? With this issue the Ajax Coaching Academy came to Jungle Minds.

Dare to dream big, start small

To bring football to a higher level worldwide, you have to start small. Beginning with a clear product vision, we started with a small team - consisting of a project manager, UX designer, visual designer, strategist and developers - working closely with the client.

The first release consists of a platform with a structured range of the Ajax philosophy. It explains what you need and how you can develop talent on the football field.

On to the future

And now? This is only the beginning, the kickoff. Based on the established vision, we first learn from the user. From those insights we can expand the platform and realize Ajax’s ambition. The first international clubs are ready to work with the platform. The kick-off is a fact and through good teamwork with ACA, we will improve football skills around the world.

Ajax Coaching Academy - For the future of football